Early Learning

The Phonics Instutite supports early learning and has yet to find any parents who were sorry they taught their children to read phonetically early. Most wish they had done more. Of the children who are taught early, most are labeled gifted when they enter school since learning to read phonetically helps develop the abstract thinking process. The following materials are suitable for teaching pre-school children, including the beginning reading programs as many of them are suitable for early instruction.

1.   Short Cuts To Reading — Joan Beck: Preschool—Large book—10"x14" 48-page full color; delightful introduction to reading; teaches sounds and word blending. The lessons and stories are short cartoons which originally appeared in newspapers across the country. Instructions on how to use the book are included.

3.   Beginning Phonics Readers — Rae Wolf: A beginning phonics approach, with ample reading practice; the books expect the teacher to know phonics. They can be used for reading practice with other books. The use of some sight words is suggested but this should be ignored and all words sounded out. 3 booklets; each about 20 pages long. 

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