English as a Second Language

Adults learning to speak English as a second language — Mary Johnson: A series of books developed for persons new to speaking English. The course, developed in Canada for immigrants, is based on sound phonetic principles and is well tested. All books are 8_VP_EQN_6.GIF“ x 11" paperbacks.

38.   Beginners: Building the Foundation — a handbook (21 pages) for helpers which outlines the course and gives the tutor background to understand and use the various books; Survival English For Newcomers — a tutor’s handbook (23 pages) for teaching beginning literacy—18 beginning lessons; The ABCs — students’s workbook (50 pages) is a series of lessons to learn the letter names and sounds; Steps To Literacy Series I —student’s workbook (49 pages) is a book combining learning English with reading and spelling; 4 books. 

39.   Intermediate: Foundation For Literacy I — a student workbook (56 pages) to give the student further training in understanding, spelling and reading English words; Steps To Literacy Series II — a student book (49 pages) continuing the work from Series I; Old Tales For New Readers — a basic reading workbook (51 pages) with a crossword puzzle with each story using the words and ideas from the story; Proverbs Say It Best — a workbook (42 pages) with a proverb on each page and a system for the student to paraphrase it; 4 books. 

40.   Intermediate II: Sounds and Stress — a student reading book ( 58 pages) designed to help improve oral communication. Many tips on pronunciation and enunciation; Verbs & Conjunctions In Simple Sentence Patterns — a student book (32 pages) to help use conjunctions and verbs correctly; 2 books.

41.   Advanced: Foundation For Literacy II — a student workbook (48 pages) designed to help students with spelling; Steps To Literacy IIIA — a student workbook (52 pages) for additional work on speech sounds, spelling patterns, sentence building, and the parts of speech; Steps To Literacy IIIB — a workbook (45 pages) continuing the work of IIIA; 3 books. 

42.   Complete Set of 13 booklets. 

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