Materials Available Through Other Sources (These sources may be out of date)

Sing, Spell, Read & Write — Sue Dickson: A total language arts, multisensory approach to reading/language arts; program for beginners and “Winning” for pre-teen to adult; International Learning Systems, Inc., P. O. Box 16032; Chesapeake, VA 23320; 1-800-321-TEACH.

Recipe For Reading — Nina Traub: A complete phonics program based on the Gillingham approach; teaches basic reading skills needed in the early primary grades; can be used for tutorial and remedial work with children lacking reading skills; Unlimited Phonics, P. O. Box 15702, Phoenix, AZ 85060.

Phonics Made Plain — Michael Brunner: Classroom wall chart & phonogram cards with teaching information on reverse side to teach word recognition and spelling skills; multisensory spelling approach viewed as central to learning to read and write; success for all students regardless of age; Mott Media: 1000 E. Huron, Milford, MI 48042.

Action Reading — George O. Cureton: Multisensory, total reading, writing and spelling program requiring no training. Knowledge of teaching phonics and comprehension built into the instruction manual. Effective in the classroom, for beginning and remedial reading as well as with illiterate adults and for parents. Also available: Fast Track Reading and by J. Eller, The Good Book Method of Teaching Reading. P. O. Box 4944, Cave Creek, AZ 85331; (602) 465-0437.

The Phonetic Reading Chain — Ruth Worden Frank: Fast paced, structured, easy to teach, easy to learn, chained, multisensory, intensive basic phonics program which is guaranteed to teach nonreaders or poor readers (ages 9 through adult) to read the entire English language upon completion of the program. Individualized instruction kit includes a set of nine oral reading books, a language workbook, a cumulative test book, a 100-word oral test book, phoneme flash card set, and teacher’s manual. All 8_VP_EQN_9.GIF“ x 11" paperbacks; PO Box 15564, Rochester, New York 14615-0564; (716) 865-3299.    

Super Seatwork - Word Skills — Mary Pecci: a supplement to any phonics program; includes a complete step-by-step approach to mastery of the Pronunciation Key in the Dictionary which assures independent reading. Pecci Educational Publishers, 440 Davis Court, #405, San Francisco, CA 94111; (415) 391-8579.

The Great S&H Direct Phonics Reading Program — Frank Rogers: complete program for teaching children and adults reading and spelling; reading textual materials starts after the 40th phonogram; contact Frank Rogers, Parents as Teachers, P. O. Box 44093, Tacoma, WA 98444-4093; (206) 531-0312.

Fearless Phonics — Jeanne Firestone: Remedial program which stresses vowel mastery as the key to reading and writing success; includes teacher’s manual and two levels of students’ books, including dictionary.  The Reading Solution, 6417 Caminito Listo, San Diego, CA 92111; (619) 292-5013.

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Language Arts for Specific Language Disability Children— Beth H. Slingerland: adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham approach for classroom teachers; multisensory, phonetically structured introduction to reading, writing, and spelling; preventive or remedial; Educators Publishing Service, Inc., 75 Moulton Street, Cambridge, MA 02238-9101; 1-800-225-5750.

Remedial training for Children with Specific Disability in Reading, Spelling and Penmanship— Anna Gillingham and Bessie W. Stillman: The Gillingham method is used by reading specialists to teach children who have a specific language disability; may be used with individuals or groups. Educators Publishing Service, Inc. 75 Moulton St., Cambridge, Ma 02138-1104; 1-800-225-5750.

Reading Mastery— Dr. Siegfried Engelmann: extremely effective in teaching children to read because of its direct instruction approach; especially effective with poor and minority children, including the Follow-Through Programs; (see Pittsburgh Study in background reading section); (Also available direct instruction writing, language, and mathematics); SRA Division, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, 155 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606 (800-843-8855).

Corrective Reading Decoding — Successful program includes decoding, comprehension, timed readings to improve reading rates and decoding fluency; direct instruction; SRA Division, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, 155 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606 (800-843-8855).

The New Big Book Of Home Learning — Mary Pride: Guide to Everything Educational. Mary is the consumer’s research reference for persons homeschooling. Home Life offers many books, references, and other materials. Home Life, 1731 Smizer Mill Road, Fenton, MO 63026; 314-225-0743.

A Beka Book—Instructional textbooks, videos, materials covering all areas for schools, homeschooling, tutoring. A Beka Book, Pensacola, Florida 32523-9160; 1-800-874-3590.

The Surefire Way to Better SpellingRobert C. Dixon: Teaches a strategy for spelling--complete instructional program; relates a word to its meaning; paperback; Association for Direct Instruction (ADI), P.O. Box 10252, Eugene, OR 97440 (1-800-995-2464).

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