Background on the Reading Reform Foundation
and the Purpose of this Store

The purpose of the RRF reading store is to provide those interested in education, more particularly reading instruction, with materials required to accomplish their goals. The phonics materials offered are appropriate for supplementing a school curriculum, home education, ESL (English as a second language), remedial instruction by parents, teachers, and others; and special remedial programs for business and correctional institutions. Also available are research and background material and detailed articles and data supporting intensive phonics as the superior method of teaching reading in English.

The Reading Reform Foundation was founded in 1961 by the late Watson Washburn as an international, non-profit organization to combat illiteracy in America. Founded by parents, educators, and other concerned citizens, it seeks to encourage the correct teaching of systematic, multisensory phonics in reading instruction. Scientific studies prove that this method can:

For over 60 years the look-say, whole word, “whole language” method of teaching reading has been present in our nation’s school system in spite of the research evidence which unequivocally supports intensive phonics as the superior method of teaching beginning reading.

In line with this research evidence and common sense, the Reading Reform Foundation endeavors to make available both information and materials supporting intensive phonics. The materials available have been found to be successful. We do, however, suggest that some programs may fit your needs better than others. For example, some materials are especially for younger children while others are more appropriate for older students and remedial instruction. Again, some programs can be used for any age and for both beginning reading and remedial instruction. Some materials give the instructor more background in phonics and the structure of the English language than others. You may wish to consider a course on the nature, logic and structure of the code of English. Some materials are not detailed instructional programs but offer excellent background into the reading controversy or into related aspects of the controversy and/or the results of educational decline.

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