Remedial: Children— Adults

35.   Phonics Is Multisensory: A Remedial Manual — Martha Kent: A supplement to the method of choice for spelling, reading, and handwriting; includes suggestions for games, composition, comprehension, and testing; section for Xeroxing; grades 1-8; 8_VP_EQN_5.GIF“ x 11" paperback; 39 pages.

36.   Phonics For Teens and Adults—Margaret McEathron; Student Book & Helper’s Instruction Book; basic step-by -step lessons taking the instructor through the program in about 65 lessons. There are initial and final evaluation exercises and a supplemental section for learning special skills such as traffic signs. Set of two books; 8 1/2 x 11 paperbacks.

37.   How to Tutor — Samuel L. Blumenfeld: An excellent step-by-step, how-to book which gives information about tutoring students in reading, writing and arithmetic. The reading is taught in 117 lessons with explicit instructions. Writing is taught in 73 lessons and the basic arithmetic in 67 lessons. 

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