43.   ABC’s and All Their Tricks — Margaret Bishop: A comprehensive treatment of phonics with absolute clarity; an encyclopedia of phonics and spelling; clarifies spelling and pronunciation questions in English; indispensable for those teaching reading, spelling, and writing and interesting to others; 342 pages; hardback.

44.   The New Spelling, Orthographic Structuralism — Raymond Laurita: This book demonstrates that the English spelling system possesses an underlying rhythm and order which makes it eminently teachable and learnable for all; paperback.

45.   The Vowel Category Resource Lists Part II—Raymond Laurita: Reference tool of English words for 30 different vowel structures at the level five difficulty. These involve the combining of prefixes & suffixes with roots; over 33,000 categorized words; paperback.

46.   Spelling Book of Verbs — Raymond E. Laurita: Outlines all of the processes used in the spelling of the regular verb forms; demonstrates that 1_VP_EQN_7.GIF% of the total of all possible English verbs are irregular; gives a list of all irregular verb roots and organizes these irregular verbs into discrete categories; paperback.

47.   Greek Roots and Their Modern English Spelling — Raymond Laurita: An invaluable reference tool for persons interested in language; contains over 500 modern English roots with their original Greek meanings; thousands of regularly spelled modern English words with their illustrative General Spelling Procedure and grammatical functions. Filled with informational notes and cross referencing of related roots; paperback.

  The Writing Road to Reading—an excellent spelling program—teaches reading through spelling (See above: Beginning Programs).

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